Why Should I Invest In A Quality Gate Alarm?

January 10, 2013

A driveway alert system needs to work reliably, and this requires a lot more design effort than many people are aware of.   Proper water and insect proofing, condensation control, good wireless range, UV resistance, two-way connectivity and diagnostics are all things we have carefully developed and fine-tuned since the inception of ® in 2003.

One documentary film company in Canada (Q-Films) purchased our system for use in sub-zero temperatures in the snow.   Why couldn’t they have bought something local?   No product had the sufficient performance needed.

We know other brands struggle because customers tell us when they call to buy our product.   Jaded by many years of annoying false alarms and erratic performance, some people admit they have gone through as many as three other systems over the years and tell us they are ‘ready to do it properly now’

One customer began with a $35 unit purchased off an auction site and progressed up to a $199 system, then finally a $400 system.   The $35 unit never worked, the $199 model failed within months and his last Chinese made unit failed six months outside of its 1-year warranty.   He was told by the supplier it was “not a serviceable item” and it had failed too far outside of its warranty to be replaced at no charge.

® is designed and individually assembled in New Zealand and we are confident it has the best performance for any wireless product of its kind.   This confidence is based on a 10-year track record and backed up by our 3 Year Warranty.

® systems are repairable outside of warranty and we will not be telling you to “buy a new one” unless your system has been badly damaged.