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Meet a few of the professionals who regularly install and recommend our systems…


Graham Lynch

Graham Lynch Security Ltd
As a former Policeman, having served 14 years with the NZ POLICE, I have now been installing security alarms and cameras for 14 years.   I use this combined 28 years of experience to research security products and plan security installation layouts so that you as the customer get the maximum benefit.

I am an independent security installer and can provide free quotes, and normally on the same day I visit you.

Graham Lynch Security Ltd can service the needs of people in North, Central, Coastal and Southern Taranaki.   I can also travelled out of the district when required.

At this stage I would be best described as a "one man band" in that I will quote and install the systems you require.    My wife Vikki handles the accounts.


Nick Mooyman

Mi5 Security
A word from Nick Mooyman of Mi5 Security…

“Our solutions allow the rapid deployment of security grade cameras into remote locations – even when power and internet services simply aren't available.  Images captured are transmitted through cellular networks and managed by the user via the award-winning iDefigo secure cloud platform.  Mi5 commissioned the development of a customised Parabeam® system to interface with one of our many surveillance projects – this allowed more accurate wireless triggering & image capture.  We chose Parabeam because the company has an excellent product and a very capable R&D & support team.

Mi5 Security has a strong international presence, with offices in Auckland, Sydney & London.  The company has also received many awards over the years, including in December 2011 being announced as a winner in the prestigious Red Herring 100 Global awards, and in February 2013 we were named "runners up" in the Global M2M Competition announced in Barcelona.

Visit: & for more information.

Peter Erridge

Ross Galt Lock & Alarm
Pete Erridge of Ross Galt Lock and Alarm in Christchurch.

I head the specialist electronic security division at Ross Galt Lock and Alarm, and have gained more 18 years’ experience in the industry. I am routinely working with architects, design consultants, builders and construction companies and of course small and large business owners and farmers.

Ross Galt is an established and trusted part of the Canterbury landscape. As Christchurch rebuilds, we have expanded to meet the increased demand for these services. In 2012 alone, there were nearly 16,000 police reported unlawful entries and burglaries in Canterbury. Ross Galt Security can help to ensure you do not become part of this statistic!

The projects I manage range from full security audits, through to design, installation and servicing of all manner of systems.

CCTV, electronic & mechanical lock and key, keyless entry and restricted key systems, alarms and infra-red perimeter beams.

Regarding the Parabeam® range of products, I have been working with Mike at Parabeam® for around 5 years. We chose Parabeam because it has been around for 11 years and has been developed with the ongoing feedback from the farming community. Technical support is only a phone call away and the systems are serviceable outside of the 3-year warranty.

Take a look at what we do here:

Roger Bull

Smartway Security
Roger Bull of Smartway Security:

I established Smartway Security 15 years ago (1999) to service the greater Waikato area – today we have over 3000 CCTV & Alarm Systems installed throughout the North Island.  My teams combined experience in all sectors of electronic security amounts to more than 70 years - this means we are proficient in designing and commissioning systems for almost any situation.

The work we are predominantly involved in is Alarms, Access Control Systems, CCTV, Data and WiFi for Residential, Rural and Commercial premises, and our customers range from Shopping Malls, Multi-Level Car Parks, Apartment Blocks, Warehouses, Medical centres, Lifestyle Blocks, Farms, industrial yards and thousands of private homes! Recent projects have seen us install CCTV for Toyota NZ and also on the Tunnel Boring Machine for the new Auckland Motorway Tunnel.

Our fully fitted-out CCTV Mobile demonstration vehicle allows us to come to you and demonstrate how our cameras will perform at your premises, so you will know exactly what to expect from them – this means there will be no disappointments after they are installed!

All of our CCTV systems are capable of being viewed remotely, either locally or from overseas.

As well as using reputable New Zealand wholesalers who represent the big brands in electronic security, we import and support selected products from other international suppliers.  All suppliers and their products are selected for their innovation, reliability and technical support – we can’t afford to have systems fail.  New technologies are constantly being investigated and trialled so can we remain able to offer the best and most appropriate solutions for the task.

Parabeam® is our preferred brand for ‘gate alarm’ or perimeter security, because they’re New Zealand made and have been in business since 2003 – the product is solid and well proven on the Kiwi farm and elsewhere.

See what we do here:

Mike Bain

Safe & Sound
Mike Bain from Safe and Sound Security…

“There when you need us”Safe & Sound Security has a solid reputation in the Security industry and we have worked hard to build this reputation over the last 18 years.  Locally owned and operated, we are now the largest security firm servicing the Waihi - Thames and Coromandel areas.

Our core business is the installation, maintenance and monitoring of commercial and residential alarm and CCTV surveillance systems.  This includes wireless driveway beams for monitoring rural and industrial sites, and we also provide temporary or covert alarm and surveillance solutions as well as alarm monitoring over mobile phone networks.

Choosing a security provider is an important decision because it is often a long-time partnership based on trust and professionalism - Our customers trust that we will respond urgently whenever an alarm is raised at their home or business, and that the hardware we recommend and install will deliver results when it is needed most.

We have a team of expert technicians and qualified installers who work closely with you to design a solution that suits your needs and budget, all the while never going below a minimum quality standard of hardware.

All of our guards are fully trained to meet the NZQA Standards and are licensed with the PSPLA. In addition to alarm response we also have guards available for all other occasions including static and mobile patrol guards.

For more information visit or call one of the following local numbers:
Waihi:        07 863 6968
Thames:    07 866 7997
Tauranga: 07 549 2141
Paeroa:     07 862 4585

Brendon Frost

Sterling Security Ltd
Sterling Security Waikato

Sterling Security is a Hamilton based company that we would describe as ‘a small company with a big reputation’ in electronic security throughout the greater Waikato area, offering comprehensive protection of homes, businesses and rural properties.

We design and install CCTV (video surveillance) systems, commercial and domestic alarms, automatic gates, access control and wireless beam systems which are primarily used on rural properties and commercial yards.

Regarding our alarm monitoring and backup service, contracts can be tailor made to suit all situations and with any requirements.

How is Sterling different from other companies in the home-business security field?

First, we are a family business, and local and we believe our clients are our most important assets.

Now in our thirteenth year in business, Sterling is the first choice for many home owners and business operators because we’re not a large corporate; the people you speak with are the people who make the decisions and take care of any issues. This is an important factor for most customers because up to 80% of other monitoring services are based in Auckland, or in the case of one large Waikato Company, the monitoring is done from Bombay, India - so your home would be monitored from there.

Secondly, we have strong boundaries regarding equipment quality – we will only install equipment that gives few problems in the field, preferring brands with excellent support and long warranties such as BOSCH® and Parabeam®

Meet our team and see what we do here:

Nick Gibbs

Masterguard Security
Masterguard – servicing Canterbury for more than 20 years

“Customers like the fact we have worked hard to develop our ‘one-stop shop’ and ‘single point of contact’ strengths - there is never confusion about whom you are dealing with …” Nick Gibbs

We are an independent, locally-owned and operated security company that is big enough to get the job done, yet small enough to offer a personal, customised service.

Two convenient offices, one in Christchurch and another in Ashburton, mean we're are never far away from you, offering the full range of security, fire protection and building compliance services - all of which are mobile and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our customers are diverse and range from farms and rural sites, schools, government departments, industrial complexes, retail shops and residential.

One of the key reasons we have been so successful over the last 20 years is our policy on the strenuous evaluation of alarm and monitoring hardware and the support the supplier provides, well in advance of committing to that particular brand and company.

Vital for both customer relations and company profit is a bug-free installation that requires little maintenance and repairs; hence for outdoor detection needs, particularly on rural and industrial sites, we have favoured Parabeam® systems for the last 5 years or so.

Visit us at:

Mike Carr

The Cable Guy - Taupo
The Cable Guy is a leader in technology solutions, specializing in high-end entertainment systems for private homes (Home Theatre) and commercial applications, as well as home automation, energy-efficient lighting and energy controls and task-critical communication networks.

The Cable Guy Taupo is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Mike and Sue Carr, and covers the areas of; The Central Plateau, Taupo, Turangi, Taumarunui and Districts.

Mike holds a New Zealand Technicians Certificate in Telecommunications and is an active member of the local community and member of the Taupo BNI chapter (Business Network International).

“We purchased The Cable Guy Taupo in 2008, when we decided we wanted to work together in an industry we are passionate about - Sue runs the office and administration side of the business while I look after the Technical and sales areas…

I consider one of the reasons for our success is taking the time to properly understand my customers’ needs and budget well, before designing and delivering the most appropriate solution.

My passion for technology began a long time ago, having over 30 years’ experience in the Telecommunications industry and working as a Technician and in Telecomm. management - when I joined The Cable Guy I already had a considerable technology base that is continuously being built-on as technology evolves.

We recently started recommending Parabeam® systems to customers wanting to be alerted to the arrival of visitors as well as needing a system for security purposes – prior to promoting Parabeam® , we had used another product made by the same company (Paratronics Blue Eye Systems) for around 5 years and therefore had the trust that Parabeam® would be equally reliable, having been around since 2003.

For more information call Mike on: 0508 222 534

Lindsay Wills

Jackson & Wills
Jackson & Wills is a family owned and operated company that has been committed to providing communications solutions to the Southland community for over 65 years.

The company was formed in 1947 by Doug Jackson and Maurice Wills, who pooled their comprehensive knowledge of what was then only a fledgling electronics industry.
Over the years the company has achieved a number of notable firsts, such as:
• First to view overseas television in 1956
• First to introduce microwave television banking systems in New Zealand to the Southland Savings Bank
• First amateur radio enthusiast in New Zealand to communicate with overseas station VHF bands (NZ – USA)
• First to introduce VHF land mobile radio telephone communication to Southland

Today, communications technology is the backbone of business operations and an essential facet of our day-to-day lives.  The Jackson & Wills team has grown from two to thirteen enthusiastic people, headed up by managing director Lindsay Wills.

The product range has expanded to embrace all the latest communications technologies and the customer base has grown to include local government bodies and nationwide corporate customers, along with small businesses and individuals seeking communications solutions for home or recreational use.

Although the face of technology is ever changing, the company ethos remains the same: Jackson & Wills is dedicated to providing personal service and technical know-how to equip Southlanders with the very best communications solutions.

Visit us at:

Kim Hobson

Access Security
Kim Hobson of Access Security Delivering Electronic solutions through New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong.
IP Cameras – Networked Video Solutions - Access Control systems – Remote surveillance – Commercial Alarm Installations

I launched Access Security in 2002, and have always recognised that my ability to deliver the best service, technical expertise, equipment and customer support would be the key to growing the company to the position it is in today.
The solutions I recommend and install simply work first time every time! - this is due to the fact I rigorously evaluate and trial the technology I intend to supply to the point where I understand it intimately - so when I commission an installation on an unusual or challenging site for example, I am confident of how it will perform in advance. There are generally no surprises.
My experience means that Access Security can deliver an extensive, up-to-date knowledge of security environments, methodology and an international perspective of innovation and affordable information management solutions, and this has been strenuously developed through my work with many corporate clients over the past 12 years.
Customers have the benefit of access to my 24 hour direct telephone support and guaranteed callout attendance on site within 2 hours (1 hour actual time in most cases)
If you have an existing CCTV or access control systems that you are not happy with the performance of, or you’re not receiving the support you require, please call me for a meeting and appraisal. I am happy to offer my services for any type of assistance or upgrade work of this nature.
For more information call me on: 021 737 842

Peter Sowry & Brent Kallu

United Security Northland
Meet Peter Sowry & Brent Kallu of United Security Northland

We are a 100% privately owned local company specialising in electronic security, and our history dates back over 30 years, when in 1980 general manager John Murray Kallu left his position as Senior Technician at NZPO initially to work at Detection Alarms, bringing with him an extensive background in electronics.

John and Ailsa bought out Detection Alarms in 1983 and around 8 years later in 1991 I bought in as a partner. It wasn’t long before the company rapidly expanded; in 1993 we opened a Monitoring Station in Kamo and formed United Security Northland together with Peter Semb (Northland District Security), Jan Wallace (Any Office Service) and George Cherrington (Security Courier Services) – each adding unique expertise and knowledge to the company.

Further expansion came in 2000 when we bought the monitoring and messaging division of Alpha security and moved to Water Street, finally moving to our current premises at 134 Lower Dent Street in 2004.

With 30 plus years in the security industry and 17 staff we combine sound electronic ability and top quality products to ensure the best security solutions to suit your home or business.

Today, our services range from alarm installations, access systems,perimeter security, camera systems, medical alarms and messaging services, and we are able to provide round the clock surveillance with our monitoring service.

The Parabeam® range of products we support are designed to operate in New Zealand conditions and therefore ideal for farmers (to detect visitors or wandering stock when you’re out the back of the farm) or for those on lifestyle blocks.

For more information, call Peter Sowry or Brent Kallu on: 09 430 1992

Grant Littlewood

Safeguard Alarms Ltd
Safegard Alarms Ltd has been in the security business for 15 years and has installed over 6000 alarms in the Wellington region.  In that time Safegard has built a stellar reputation for reliability, both for its services and its products.

Many of the original security systems are still operating in perfect condition.  In the interests of furthering its reputation for reliable security, Safegard only installs proven brands and products, whether it’s wired or wireless alarms, CCTV camera systems, video intercoms or driveway alarms.

For this reason Safegard chose Parabeam as its sole beam security product range.

Andrew Gill

Direct 4 You
A word from Andrew Gill of ‘Direct 4 You’

I built the company Direct 4 You as an online outlet for high quality products of interest to farming, horticultural and other outdoor activities. Our range includes safety equipment, tools, hot houses and generators for home, businesses and dairy sheds – all at competitive prices.

We are an online business that ships orders nationwide – many of our products are bulky and this means our products need to be super-reliable - whatever we send out, we do not expect to receive back because its faulty or inferior – this costs everyone money and time.  So on that basis all products sold in our store have been thoroughly and personally tested by me before I am prepared to stock it.

Gate alarms and ‘driveway alert systems’ are one product that I was not prepared to import because of the notorious unreliability of products claiming to be up to the task - many farmers will testify to this.  We therefore chose to stock the New Zealand made Parabeam® range in 2011 because of its strong technical support and warranty.


Mike Johnson

OHC Limited
Mike Johnson started OHC Limited more than 20 years ago to service the local need for IT and PC services.

Recently Mike branched into the security market and has developed what he describes as a near- perfect 'Hybrid monitoring solution' for home and commercial applications.

By combining Parabeam, IP camera, 3G and iPhone tech- nologies into a stable system, Mike has almost made the traditional concept of the indoor 'home alarm' obsolete because his solution allows you to be notified in real-time whenever a visitor or intruder arrives on your property - the iPhone camera app then allows you to view your cameras live from your phone. Is it an intruder or just the kids arriving home from school?

Mikes solution will give you peace of mind.

Paul O'Regan

HSM Security
HSM Security is a Hawkes Bay based, locally owned and operated full service security solutions provider.   We are members of the NZSA and carry PSP licenses where appropriate.   HSM was founded 16 years ago in 1998 and has since become one of the most solid and experienced security solution providers within NZ.

We offer high quality product and service at a best value-price.   CCTV, fire alarms, gate automation, driveway alerts, rural solutions, electric/security fences, guard services, alarm monitoring, intrusion alarms and access control.   Parabeam is a great Kiwi product which fits well within our offering, and it is the only solar powered beam we install.

We take pride in working closely with you, understanding your requirements and implementing effective long-term solutions to protect you and your premises.   I also wanted to take this opportunity to say we care about protecting you, and that securing your property and protecting your family is of the utmost importance to us.

Please call Paul O’Regan personally to discuss your requirements on +64 (0) 275 888 095

The Team

Northland CCTV Ltd
Northland CCTV Ltd

Serving all of Northland's security needs.

Northland's staff bring a wealth of experience to the far north in electronic security through staff involvement in all forms of electronic design and installation of systems from the day to day installations to turnkey projects.
Keeping up to date with all the latest technology helps us to solve many customers out of the ordinary security requests..
For the farming, residential and business communities we are here to protect and safeguard you and your property.

Grant Jelley

NZ Farm Security Systems Ltd
NZ Farm Security Systems was formed by Grant Jelley in 2005, providing the Rural sector with reliable, customised, cost effective Security solutions. We operate from Rangiora to North Otago.

Closed circuit TV, Analogue & High Definition with remote viewing over the internet with SMS Alert option, remote machinery monitoring Systems, Drive way & Gate Alarms. Telemetry networks over Fibre optic Short / Long Range, CCTV over Fibre.

700-FSK Standard

700-FSK Parabeam Standard

Matthew Scott

On Guard Security Solutions Ltd
On Guard Security specialise in Tailor made security services in the domestic and Commercial sector and have hundreds of installations in the Waikato and North island. We offer a full "end to end" solution specialising in Intruder, access control, Camera installations and custom designed gate alert solutions to suit your needs.

We have fully qualified technicians with a wealth of "real life" experience in the industry to help implement your solution. From design and build to implementation through to after sales support Onguard security are with you every step of the way.

Contact us today or visit our website for further information.

0800 ON GUARD (0800 6648273)

Scott & Donna Anderson

Top Gear Audio
Scott and Donna Anderson are a husband and wife team in the deep south, Invercargill.

Scott is a Radio Technician by trade and has over 30 years experience in audio visual, car audio & security, and commercial & domestic security in Southland.

"We pride ourselves in giving the best in technology and service."


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