Meet our Top Parabeam Installer

March 16, 2017

Our Newest Top Parabeam Installer!

Mike Johnson started OHC Limited more than 20 years ago to service the local need for IT and PC services.  Recently Mike branched into the security market and has developed what he describes as a near-perfect ‘Hybrid monitoring solution’ for home and commercial applications.

By combining Parabeam, IP camera, 3G and iPhone technologies into a stable system, Mike has almost made the traditional concept of the indoor ‘home alarm’ obsolete because his solution allows you to be notified in real-time whenever a visitor or intruder arrives on your property – the iPhone camera app then allows you to view your cameras live from your phone.

Is it an intruder or just the kids arriving home from school?  Mikes solution will give you peace of mind

What Mike has to say…