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This message was sent to Graham Lynch Security of Hawera in the Taranaki region.
Hi Graham. Just thought I’d share a success story with you in relation to the security beam on our tanker track.
Last night the pager went off so husband went over to the cowshed and busted people trying to steal diesel.
He rang the police and they were arrested.
We are very pleased we got it installed!

Hi Mike,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us sort out our Parabeam sensor system.

By adding the texting module and strobe light to our existing sensor we now have 3 different notifications when clients are waiting at our orchard shop.  Given that our home is 200 metres from the shop we previously had difficulty knowing when people had arrived.

Your suggestion we add a GSM texting adapter to the main controller with an added strobe light has given us visual as well as Sound notification.  We greatly appreciate you setting up the system from your end so when it arrived we were easily able to install it.

We can now tell when any vehicle enters the orchard (even when we are not on the property) as we are alerted with a text message.  Great security for us as the strobe light also flashes at our home.

We happily would recommend your system and services and love the peace of mind the system has given us.  Our neighbours are impressed and are considering the same system.

Kind regards
Doug and Jillian Johnston
Cathedral Cove Macadamias

Hi Mike,

I have had your Parabeam installed for several years now and last night we successfully intercepted our third Burglar.  On the first occasion several years ago, we were out of town but realized something funny was going on by the number of Activation’s.  It turned out that the police were already on site due to a complaint by a neighbor.  The police in this case were most impressed with your unit and were grateful for our records of the units Text messages as they were able to record the exact times of the burglary and their interception.  The second incident was a gentleman caught taking vegetables and tools from our back garden around 5 am in the morning I was able to intercept the gentleman.  The third incident was last night Wed 2nd August, the alarm went off at 5:40 pm while we were having tea.  We intercepted a gentleman in our back garden and managed to get a good photograph of him with our cell phone.  The police were able to identify the intruder who is known to them, we found a container in our yard had been broken into.  Our units battery had run down due to the solar charger being shaded and two weeks of grey sky and rain.  I had gone to some trouble yesterday morning charging the battery on my unit as I cannot find my crowbar and suspect it has been stolen.  I had not expected a result so soon.

Your units are awesome, I am a property manager in Chch and I have a text message unit that I connect to the house alarms in several of my rental properties so I can monitor them when the properties are empty.  They work a treat.  I also have a commercial property, the previous tenant was most impressed to discover he could monitor his commercial unit himself using your text Messaging system.  He, like me, agreed that we are much more likely to catch a trespasser than a provisional monitoring team.  Anyone using these units will quickly get a feel for which activation’s need attention.
Basil Fitzpatrick

Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with both your product and your customer service.

The product is excellent.  It does exactly what you said it would with absolutely no dramas.  It was so easy to install and operate particularly with your personal guidance and instruction.

The pre-purchase test kit was especially welcome as I did wonder whether such a distance between house and gate and absence of line of sight would be a problem.  Having run the test with your expert guidance I was able to purchase confident in the knowledge that the product would be suitable for my location and conditions.  That is a rare luxury!

Such excellent products backed by personal support from someone who knows and understands both the product and the requirements of end users are seldom found.

It has been a real pleasure dealing with you. I have been recommending Parabeam gate alarms to all!

Best wishes
Nick Fairhurst Havelock North

Thank you for covering the faulty alarm under the warranty. We have recommended your products to several people in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty and hopefully you have received orders as a result.
It is a good product and works very well.  Here is a story you can use if you like although I don’t know how.

We installed the alarm after a burglar had walked up our 400m long drive up a hill and burgled our house with us asleep in it, in the dead of night.

One morning I was having breakfast with my 4 year old grandson and my wife set the alarm off as she walked the dog down to the gate to get the paper.  “What’s that?” he asked and I told him it was our burglar alarm.
“Why do you have that when there are no burglars in New Zealand?” he asked, I said there were but he was adamant there were none, as his mother had told him so.  Perhaps to stop him being afraid in bed at night after reading him a slightly scary story.

“Well”, I said, “there is at least one because we were burgled and the Police caught the burglar.”
“What happened to him?” he asked.
“Went to prison” said I.
“Ah!”, he said very solemnly, “So there are no more burglars left in New Zealand!”

Not much to say to that really! Hope it cheers up your day.

John Campbell Hawkes Bay

“We’ve been using the ® gate alarm for three years now and can honestly say it’s changed our lives!

We live on a 25 acre property in the Barossa with a 10 acre vineyard and a high end accommodation cottage located near our house. We personally greet guests as they arrive.

The ® alarm means we do not need to be continuously physically looking out to see if the guests have arrived, (this can be a window of time that varies enormously from the stated time of arrival) and are now alerted the minute guests come through the gate at the top of our 300 metre drive.  I can be working in my office and over at the cottage as they arrive to personally welcome them.  (Often stating their amazement as to how we knew they had arrived!)

We are also alerted when they leave the property during the day and can then service the cottage and tidy the grounds etc while they are out.

Living in a busy Barossa Valley tourist area, the gate alarm is also fantastic in alerting us to other people entering the property “just to have a look around” which in the past has meant potential privacy issues for our guests.  Now we are alerted to the fact someone has come onto the property and we can watch out to see if it’s our guests returning or otherwise.

The ® unit has been 100% reliable and was easy to install (I did it myself with excellent advice from Mike).  If I’ve had any questions, Mike has been fantastic and easily contactable.

I would absolutely recommend a ® unit to anyone that needs to monitor people entering and leaving their property.”

Sharyn Rogers Seppeltsfield Vineyard Cottage, Barossa Valley South Australia

“Hi Mike

Can you supply me with a 3g 2z module only, along with software so I can develop some practical product knowledge, it will be going to home.  BTW we had an intruder last Monday night, I heard the alarm go off so quickly accessed my cams and got some snaps/footage before he took off, emailed them to cops who attempted to track him down… don’t know if they did or not but system worked flawlessly and I have real-world surveillance to show prospective clients, so a good thing!”
Regards Mike Johnson OHC Ltd, Masterton

“Hi Mike,

Please invoice me for 2 battery’s for my ® Unit.  I also require another GSM Communicator.  Alarm solutions have added your male plug connectors to a couple of my tenanted properties alarm systems.  This means I can plug in your GSM system and monitor the property whilst it is empty.  In 2010 I had three Copper Hot water cylinders stolen from my properties in the space of a couple of months the thieves never even bothered to turn the water off and the damage amounted to thousands of dollars.  On installation one of my new tenants became so impressed with the set up he has requested I attach a unit as part of his rental agreement.  Alarm Solutions were also very impressed at how efficient the system was.  I really think you guys are on to something here and you are well ahead of the market.  I learnt about your product from the Farmlands Magazine.  I suggest you might advertise your product in the Property Investor Magazine…”
Basil F.

“Hi Mark,

The gate sensor has arrived and has been installed.  It is fantastic, we have all walked and driven through it and the audible beep is able to be heard right through the house and into the garden.
I will tell my friends and neighbours all about it and try and sell some more for you.
Thank you for supplying such a good unit.

Regards, Peter T.
testimony supplied by Hidden Camera Surveillance in Australia

“We have now had our ® Standard installed for around 1 month.
It has been one of the best investments we have made.  We have recently moved to our property in the country here in Western Australia.  We had noticed that we were unable to hear cars coming along the road or down our driveway.  Frequently we were ‘surprised’ by people turning up at our front door or finding people wandering around our sheds/property without us knowing they were there.  The alarm lets us know that we have visitors and we can hear it outside as we have put a slave base receiver in our shed.

Thank your for a fantastic product, fast postage and a wonderfully easy transaction process.”
R and L Dean, WA

“Finally, driveway beams that have had some thought put into them.  I stopped selling many others on the market; the motion type sensors that were installed on one side of a drive would either regularly false alarm or regularly miss people/vehicles altogether.  Other point to point beams were not weather proof and became luxury resorts for all manner of insects.

The ® system is not only insect proof, but water tight.  They have a great range and catch rates when the beam is broken.  Even more astonishing is that they have two way communications and a great diagnostic system to take the guess work out of trouble shooting if ever needed.  There is also a great range of accessories.

I have been looking and hoping for a product of this calibre for many years, and with the supplier being a NZ firm, help is just a phone call away.  The team behind the scenes are very helpful.  Ten out ten”
Graham Lynch,
Graham Lynch Security, Hawera, NZ

“Our ® system may have literally saved my children’s and my life. An elusive intruder had twice entered our home at night causing horrendous fear and stress on my family. We think he must have been checking our doors for weeks, and on the two nights we had overlooked locking them he came inside. Mike installed an invisible ® system across the front section and a hunting camera and we made sure the alarm could not be heard outside. When I heard it go off a few nights later I knew that the person was back on my property and was able to phone the Police immediately. They were on the scene and apprehended him before he had a chance to get away. The element of surprise was paramount in catching this offender. Thanks Mike. The ® has not only caught the offender, but restored the peace of mind and sanity we so desperately needed. I can sleep at night now, knowing the Parabeam is on duty for me”
E. F, Wellington

“We are very happy with our new 700-FSK unit and megabeam antenna. Great to have a system that works over 500m and is reliable in all weather. Made from very high quality material with easy to follow installation manual. Will definitely recommend this system to others.”
P Harrison, Taranaki, NZ

“We operate a small vineyard and Cellar Door. Now with ® to alert me, I am able to be productively working anywhere in the vineyard and still be able to greet visitors in a timely way. It’s more than paid for itself after only a few months!”
John R, Margate, Tasmania

“The unit arrived today. It was a simple task to install, fine tune etc. Congratulations on a fine product (I am a bio-medical engineer) which makes for a pleasant change when you look at all the electronic rubbish in the market.”
A.C.B., South Australia

® meets all of my aspirations and exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend the system or either product to anyone looking for a reliable system with good range and clarity. Thanks guys; excellent.”
R.L., New Zealand (Purchased a Parabeam system and interfaced it with a Tait radio-telephone.)