Minding Your Beach or Holiday Home Remotely

May 1, 2012

Beach-front properties can make easy pickings for burglars or squatters because they have ready access from the beach and can sneak onto the property with less chance of being seen. Many owners are nervous about this and are understandably frustrated by the fact they can’t always be there as often as they would like to make sure everything is safe and secure.

One customer, not content with her standard indoor home alarm system, which of course only does something after the home has already been entered, commissioned us to supply an outdoor deterrent system that monitored both the road-front and beach-front sides of the property with two Beam-sets. One Beam-set covering the road side and another 35m wide Beam-set was to span the entire beach-front side of the property.

The system had a different twist in that if any intruder crossed one of the detection beams it would announce a stern warning through horn speakers located either side of the home – the frightening announcement strenuously recommended immediate departure.

The owner would also receive a text message to her phone whenever either of the beams was triggered so she could remotely tell how often events of this kind were occurring – thankfully she never received a dreaded second text message advising her that her home had been entered.

Whether any actual intrusion would ever have occurred is impossible to know, but the system is doing its job of deterring anything from the outset, as well as relieving anxiety for the home owner. Whenever the owner stays at her holiday home she deactivates the outside warning function and the uses the much quieter beeping from the base receiver to warn her whenever a visitor arrives.