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3 Year Warranty

We are confident in our product line and believe it out-performs any imported driveway alert system being sold in NZ or Australia. One way we ensure our customers can order with confidence is to offer a 3 Year Warranty which is in line with other professional security hardware

What is covered

Our 3 Year Warranty covers the ® products listed below that are manufactured here in our Kapiti Factory. (for defects in materials, components and workmanship)

  • Beam Communicators
  • Beam IR Emitters
  • Indoor Base Receivers
  • Power Adaptors
  • Solar Panels
  • Internal rechargable batteries

Warranty cover on items not manufactured in New Zealand

Some of the add-on products supplied with ® kits are Imported. These products are limited to the warranty periods specified below:

  • Outdoor antennas – 2 years
  • Long range pager / communicator hand-sets – 2 Years on handsets and their internal Lithium-Polymer battery packs – 3 years on the base station part (this part is manufactured here in our factory)
  • 24 Hour scheduled Timers – 2 years
  • Outdoor bell – 2 years
  • 3G/4G Communicators – 3 years. Note: because these items rely on 3rd part cellular service providers, we assume no liability for the disconnection, interruption or discontinuation of a particular cellular network or service.

What is not covered

Warranty (including those listed below) do not cover items damaged by flooding, lightning, power surges, or where our products have been incorrectly installed, (e.g. waterproof-seal compromised) mounted upside-down or in the case of pager hand-sets dropped in water or exposed to rain etc.
In situations where ® systems are being continuously relocated or reinstalled (such as our rapid deployment PRO beams) the warranty does not cover wear and tear from rough handling, or waterproof connectors that have been left unconnected and exposed to rain and dirt, or any site-induced damage.

How to make a warranty claim

Please call us to report and methodically work-through an issue with tech-support (even if its the weekend!) before returning or ordering any individual items suspected of being faulty, so that we can home in on the exact cause of the issue. In around 70% cases the item initially suspected of being faulty does not turn out to be the problem, so this process saves you a lot of wasted time and guesswork. Please do not let problems fester, contact us ASAP!
® systems are made up of individual items. As such, individual faulty items are repaired or replaced under the warranty; not the entire purchased ® system. In the rare event the issue can not be diagnosed, we have replaced an entire kit. This occurs around once every 3 years on average.

A final note..

kits are supplied as a DIY kit – backed up by comprehensive tech-support, 7-days a week. We will not be liable for any 3rd party call-outs that the purchaser may choose to hire to install or service the system.