New PRO-Beam Image Gallery

New ® PRO Beam-Unit

A ® PRO beam-unit installation showing a close-up of the side-mounted bracket. Image shows one central Tek screw fitted so the tilt-angle can be determined using a laser. Once tilt-angle determined, 4 screws are fitted to secure permanently.

® PRO (alignment)

A laser is used to quickly align the beam-units with each-other.

A ® PRO (solar version) installed on a large property. (110m distance between beam units)

New ® PRO Beam-Unit

® PRO beam-communicators with cover-lens assembly removed

® PRO (battery option)

® This image shows a battery for the non-solar version of our PRO series. This version is intended for extremely shaded locations, or for rapid-deployment on construction sites, civil works sites or any temporary situation. (battery is shown discretely clipped behind post in this example)

® PRO Install

® PRO beam-communicator, guard a farmhouse and nearby storage sheds. (fixed using masonry bolts). (DIY System installed by orchardist in Te Puke)

® PRO Install

® PRO beam-emitter, shown mounted on fence post. (DIY System installed by orchardist in Te Puke)