How Can I Be In Two Places At Once?

February 3, 2012

“How Can I Be In Two Places At Once?”

Around 25% of customers come to us because they run a rural business of some kind and need a solution that will allow them to effectively be in two places at once.

They may to be out in the field tending to their orchard or vineyard, or in the pressing room, workshop or nursery and this means they can’t always be aware when customers, guests or other visitors arrive on the property. They report their productivity is considerably reduced as a result of having to constantly be on the look-out.

Without a system like Parabeam, extra staff would be needed to constantly hold the fort and be ready to greet a visitor whenever they arrive, while productive work continues uninterrupted.

Though most of our customers are in rural situations, a huge number are not. For example a family run home-stay or motel in town has the same kinds of needs, as do boarding kennels, catteries and some car sales and timber yards. Even keen gardeners who own a large section want something to tell them when a friend has arrived for coffee.

After installing a ® system with one of its many kinds of alert options, customers report a huge increase in productivity and a reduction in anxiety, often commenting they are no longer on-edge listening for vehicles arriving or visitors ‘yoo-hooing’ as they wander about the property looking for service.

A ® Beam-set can cover an entranceway or yard area up to 40m wide with its precise detection beam. Whenever someone crosses the beam, an alert is sent to an office or home base-receiver, which produces a difficult-to-miss beeping sound. If there is a second entrance, it too may be monitored to the ‘standard’ base receiver.

The alert may be forwarded on in to a pocket beeper or mobile phone in the form of an SMS (text-message) or phone call.
The receiver can also ring an outdoor bell for 4 seconds. Some favour this option because they don’t always want to carry extra devices while they work, or they may not want to have to delete a large number of SMS messages from their phone after a busy day’s trade, although these can be switched off easily from your phone.

The bell produces a less offensive sound than a screeching siren and it carries further because of the lower-pitch tones.
What may be a ‘customer alert’ during the day, often becomes an ‘intruder alert’ after hours and many people report they would never be without the system once they have it.

From a customer service point of view Parabeam can be seen as another communication tool; being able to greet and serve a customer in a timely way is a cornerstone of excellent service.