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® solutions for car dealerships

Whether you manage multiple yards and find it difficult to be everywhere at once, or whether you manage one yard and find you are wasting productive time keeping a lookout for customers, a ® system can alert you wirelessly to a Pager, base receiver, or by SMS to your mobile phone whenever a potential buyer steps onto the yard.

The system can complement remotely-viewed IP cameras for verification, or be used stand-alone – we can customise a system to suit your needs…

One or two sales missed simply because you couldn’t be everywhere at once could have paid for a ® alert system…

It’s a no brainer!

® for after-hours security

® alert systems may also be used for after-hours monitoring of car yards and industrial sites – either by the same beam-sets that monitor your yard by day or beam-sets patrolling perimeter fencing at night, as in the image left…

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