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Text-Message Alert Module

2021 version supports Spark, Vodafone and Telstra Next-G networks

3G Txt-Message Alert module set [arm] via txt message
Product Highlights
  • Have alerts from your driveway alarm forwarded as a text message (SMS) over the 3G/4G Networks
  • No need to carry an extra gadget such as a pager around, if you always you have your phone close by
  • Be alerted to the arrival of customers, visitors or intruders regardless of where you are
  • Great customer service communicator – allows you to greet your customer when they arrive – they wont need to go looking for you anymore!
  • Your phone displays which zone has been activated with a message such as “Beam 1 Activated”
  • Arm and disarm the unit via text message
  • Supports Vodafone (NZ and Australia), Spark (NZ) and Telstra Next-G (Australia) SIM Cards
  • Interfaces with all Parabeam base receivers and any 12V alarm system
  • Phone numbers may be changed, added or deleted at will from a ‘master phone number’
  • Able to send alerts to up to ten different mobile numbers – dispatched ready to use with numbers already loaded
  • 3 Year Warranty
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These modules allow you to monitor your Parabeam gate alarm from anywhere there is mobile phone coverage.  When one of your beam-sets is activated by a customer, visitor or intruder, an SMS text-message alert will be sent to your mobile phone over the 3G/4G networks.

Can also be used for many other alert and security applications, such as in conjunction with an IP camera that you view remotely from your phone.  In this application you could use a Parabeam gate alarm to generate a reliable ‘event’ – the alert is sent as a text-message to your phone so you know when to log in to your IP camera and see what is going on at your property.  Also may be added to any 12V alarm system

These modules are compatible with Vodafone (NZ and Australia), Spark (NZ) and Telstra Next-G (Australia) SIM Cards

SIM CARD INCLUDED for NZ sales only.

This kit includes:
  • 1 Text-Message Alert Module (2 or 4 zone version)
  • Short interface wire for connection to Parabeam base receiver (4 or 6 core wire)
  • 1 x 3G/4G antenna
  • 1 Pre-pay SIM with $20 credit (NZ only)
Text-Message Alert Module
Cellular Network GSM Networks (as above)
To arm or disarm Requires sending a text message to the device
Individual Zone identification with Text Alert Yes
Power Requirements 12V DC / 500mA
Powered via ® Base Receiver or other suitable 12V source.
Warranty 3 Years