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Police Strobe Deterrent Light

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Product Information
  • Interfaces with Parabeam base receivers
  • Very bright when observed +/- 30 degrees off axis
  • Proven deterrent to intruders whether you are home or not
  • 2 sizes available: Small (pictured) and High-powered
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These lights flash in a bright RED / BLUE strobe pattern similar to New Zealand Police car lights.
Many people are using them as a powerful psychological deterrent by mounting them on their home, farm or commercial buildings. When an intruder activates a beam-set the alert signal is sent to a 4-Zone receiver which switches on the strobe light for up to 120 seconds (adjustable in 20 second increments) The familiar colors and strobe pattern produced by these lights tends to invoke an unnerving psychological effect on the intruder, motivating them to abandon the property immediately. We have received several stories from customers who have observed car headlights reversing back out the driveway at night time, so they are an effective and inexpensive addition to a Parabeam system.

In our opinion these strobe lights are far more effective than a standard ‘siren box’, or the activating of floodlights, because not only do floodlights assist the intruder in seeing what they are doing but, the intruder does not necessarily link the activation of a floodlight with perimeter security. ‘Sensor lights’ often operate erratically and will come on for no apparent reason, whereas a Police strobe light coming on is a definite ‘event’.

A typical installation involving ‘police strobe deterrent lights’ may use a receiver in a shed that is only used for operating the lights, and another in the house alerting the family audibly, or via an SMS text message, or both. In this setup, one of the receivers would be a ‘Master’ and the other a ‘Slave’ – you can have as many ‘slave’ receivers and lights on as many buildings as you like.

This type of approach is in keeping with NZ Health and Safety laws where it is essential that you know when people are on your commercial property, to avoid liability as well as crime. Also police generally advise that people avoid putting themselves in the face of danger – far better to discourage the threat at the outset while still being alerted to someone on your property.