Additional Beam-set

Additional perimeter alarm beamsets to monitor property boundries

Additional perimeter alarm beamsets to monitor your property boundries
Product Highlights
  • Monitors additional zone
  • Detects intruders crossing property perimeter fence line
  • Perimeter alarm beam spans 200m of flat ground
  • Includes standard whip Antenna for 1km connectivity range
  • DIY installation in 95% of cases
  • Includes all mounting hardware, screws and swivel brackets
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Basic Overview

® Pro is a more serious solution to protecting your family and property because, as a perimeter alarm, it allows you to monitor much greater areas of flat ground with a detection security beam that spans more than 200m. Now you can wirelessly monitor boundary fences or completely surround your home or equipment sheds with powerful infra-red beams.

This model is supplied with a 4 zone receiver as standard – this allows you to monitor up to 4 beam-sets to the one receiver. You can mix and match beam-sets from our shorter range kits if desired.

® Pro also offers far greater radio connectivity range because it utilizes high-gain external antennas allowing connectivity ranges of up to 3000m.
When ordering, you have the option of upgrading from a standard external whip antenna to a long range Megabeam antenna. The two antenna options give maximum ranges of 1000m and 3000m respectively. These ranges are obstacle dependent. If there are a lot of trees, sheds and other things in the way, range will be reduced significantly. Please call us to have the best system designed for your property before ordering.
As with all of our kits a Parabeam® Pro Security Beam installation will support the use of signal repeaters (for hilly terrain) and many other add-ons

See our ® Standard if you require our standard range gate alarm, or the ® Lite if you require a residential gate alarm.

Two-way Radio Supervision and On-board Diagnostics (displayed on Base Receiver) are features alarm installers routinely expect on wireless equipment – we haven’t seen these appear on any other gate alarm yet.

® Pro is compatible with our POCSAG Pager*, Text Message Module* and easily interfaces with Alarm Panels.

(* optional extras, sold separately).