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POCSAG Paging System

Product Highlights
  • Receive alerts on a POCSAG Pager
  • Compatable with both 600-S and 700-FSK systems (interfacing with Base Receiver)
  • 1km range
  • Individual Zone identification – displays up to four zones (ideal if you have multiple Beam-sets installed)
  • Battery voltage monitor gives constant feedback on the health of the pager batteries
  • 1 Year Warranty, including Batteries
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The POCSAG Paging system allows you to receive alerts on a pocket pager whenever your ® Alert system is activated. The pager also displays which Beam-set has been activated.

The POCSAG Paging system interfaces with any device which has a contact which ‘shorts to Ground’ (Open Collector or Relay Contact) when activated.

This pager is a great alternative to an SMS/GSM based system, with no ongoing costs. Alerts arrive instantly – quicker than an SMS text mesage – and not reliant on the local cellular coverage, which can hold up SMS messages if the network is weak or busy.

This kit includes:
  • 1 POCSAG Pager
  • 1 belt holder
  • Outdoor Transmitting Antenna
POCSAG Paging System
Operating Range Up to 1km
Individual Zone Identification Yes – up to four zones
Volume Adjustment Yes
Pager Power Requirements One AA battery
Pager Dimensions – Millimeters W 80 | H 55 | D 20
Warranty 1 Year