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® Rebuild Service

Parabeam Rebuild Service
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Rebuild Service

Contrary to many cheap products that must be thrown away the moment anything goes wrong with them, all ® systems may be returned to our factory for repairs if they have suffered some damage or a developed an issue outside of their 3 year warranty period, this includes

Between 2005 and 2011 many thousands of early and models were sold. These models were so reliable and loved by our customers that this year (7 years after we stopped making them!) we decided to re-create one of the main circuit boards using more modern components so that when one comes in for refurbishment, we are now able to put brand new electronics inside when needed.

Often, solar panels and batteries will also need replacing. The cost of repairs is almost always a fraction of the cost of a new system providing it has not suffered too much abuse over the years! Warranty on a small repair is 1 year, covering the repair itself. Fully refurbished systems are given a new 2 year warranty… who does that?