® LITE – Residential driveway alarm, safeguarding your property

Perfect for residential or urban environments

Parabeam Standard multiple driveway alarms
Choose between 1 to 4 Beamsets
– image shows the 4 Beamset option
Download 4-Zone receiver User manual Click to Download
Product Highlights
  • Monitors 1 – 4 zones (eg: one to four entrance-ways)
  • 150m Range typical
  • Perfect for urban or shorter range commercial use
  • 3 Year Warranty, including Batteries
4-Zone Receiver Highlights
  • Adjustable beep volume
  • Independent control of each beam-set
  • Adjustable timed outputs on each zone
  • Supports ‘police strobe’ warning lights
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Basic Overview

® LITE is a high performance wireless driveway alarm that gives an “early warning” alert in your home whenever a visitor passes through its detection beam. It uses a proper point-to-point beam, making it far more immune to false alarms than PIR based systems. Never miss a customer or intruder again. The beam-set may be installed as a driveway alarm, or over a much wider span (up to 35m) to protect the likes of implement sheds or fuel tanks.

Wireless range between the Beam-set and indoor Base Receiver is a solid 150m through a number of obstacles such as several house walls, trees and a shed (for example). However, If your property has dense native bush or “earth” blocking the radio signal path, we suggest one of our longer range models. Please refer to these reference guides

  • Made in New Zealand
  • Solar-battery powered
  • Waterproof (gasket sealed)
  • Transmits on a “clean” NZ frequency, free from wireless toys, weather stations and other alarm systems
  • Point-to-point beam spans up to 35m
  • AI processor eliminates false alarms from heavy rain and transient disturbances
  • UV stable components
  • Salt spray immunity
  • Insect and ant proof
  • Simple button-presses control all functions on the indoor receiver
  • On-board diagnostic indicators
  • Spare parts available for all models going back to 2005
  • Proper technical support
  • Released October 2011 (9+ year proven track record)
A single beam-set kit includes:
  • 1 4-zone Base Receiver
  • 1 12V Power adaptor (for base receiver)
  • 1 Antenna (for base receiver)
  • 1 LITE Beam-set
  • 1 pair of Solar Panels (for the beam-set)
  • 1 pair of Rechargeable Battery packs (for the beam-set)
  • Mounting Brackets and misc. hardware for beam-sets and solar panels
  • Instructions
Detailed Overview
Base Receiver

The ® 700-FSK receiver sounds an audible alert whenever any enrolled beam-set is activated. It supports up to 4 beam-sets and has adjustable beep volume. The alert “beeping sequence” differs depending on the zone that has been activated, and you can “mute” any zone(s) that you do not want to monitor at the time. External devices (such as an alarm panel, 4G unit or strobe lights) can be interfaced with the Base Receiver via a 10-way terminal block located on the rear panel of the enclosure, these devices can also be switched on and off using the same “mute” buttons. At a glance you can see which zones have their beeping muted and which zones have the external device connected to them deactivated.
An example of this function: You have a 4G text messaging device connected to the Base Receiver and you want zone 1 beeping but not texting and every other zone texting but not beeping (muted). This can be set up within about 5 seconds by simple button presses.

BEAM-SET and Solar Panels

The beam-set is made up of two small Beam Units, installed directly opposite each other. An infra-red beam is transmitted from one and received by the other. Whenever the beam is interrupted for a minimum time by a solid object, one beam-unit sends a wireless signal to the Base Receiver, alerting to the arrival of a person or vehicle. Click here to see a graphic of how the system works.
The Beam-set is powered by internal rechargeable batteries which are kept charged via small mountable solar panels.

The solar panels are rated to keep the beam units charged no matter how many days, weeks or months of gloomy weather, providing there is not a canopy of shade above the panel. They also have a protective polycarbonate coating that extends their lifespan under the harsh NZ sun. (There is a very thin extra layer of plastic over the top of the polycarbonate which does weather, however the real protection is the polycarbonate beneath) Solar panel cable lengths are 5m and may be customized to any length up to 50m. Occasionally a customer may need an extra 5-10m to get clear of a tree.

Base Receiver
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 4
Volume Adjustment Increments Yes – 4 Volume levels
Power Requirements 12V DC
Dimensions – Millimetres W75 | L119 | H30
Warranty 3 Years
Beam Set
Type of Beam Active Photo-electric Infra-red
Maximum Beam Width 35m
Maximum Operating Range between LITE Beam-set and Base Receiver 150m typical
Modulation Type Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK)
Radio Frequency 458.550 MHz Band (Country Specific)
RF Output Power 80mW
Battery Voltage 3.6V (charges to 4.2V approx.)
Weather Resistance
  • Poly-Carbonate, IP66 rated Enclosure
  • Fully weather-proof
  • Ant-proof
Dimensions – Millimetres W48 | D45 | H60
Warranty 3 Years
Solar Panels
Voltage Output 7.0Voc
Dimensions – Millimetres L120 | W60
Warranty 3 Years