® 4-Zone slave base receiver

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Product Highlights
  • The 4-Zone Receiver receives alerts from any installed Beam-set, whenever a beam is broken. The Base Receiver also receives diagnostic messages from the installed Beam-set(s), including Low Battery and Beam Blocked alerts.
  • Whenever the Base Receiver receives communication of any kind from the Beam-Set(s), it responds with a acknowledgment / confirmation signal.
  • Each separate Beam-set activates a different beeping sequence from the Base Receiver so it is easily identified.
  • Different versions available for Parabeam LITE, Standard or XR-Series – please specify which model you have.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Download 4-Zone receiver User manual Click to Download
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This receiver passively receives signals from the Master receiver that would have come with your original Parabeam kit. It may be ordered at the time you order your kit if you know you will need two or more base receivers from the outset. A slave receiver does not receive its signals directly from any beam-set(s) so it only needs to be ‘in range’ of the master base receiver. A common use for this receiver is in a large home where one receiver is not enough to be heard everywhere in the house, so an additional one is required in a bedroom or workshop separated from the house. Range between master and slave base receivers is 150m for a LITE system. 300m for a ‘Standard’ system and up to 1000m for an XR Series, and can always be boosted with external antennas if needed.

The 4-zone receiver has 4 different volume levels, and beep-pitch control if required. Other devices such as a strobe light or an alarm panel can interface with any base receiver via a removable terminal block located on the back of the enclosure or via a GSM connector on the underside. Located next to the terminal block is an aerial connector for the small indoor whip antenna supplied, or an external antenna

The 4-zone receiver is powered with a 12V Power adapter (supplied) and may also be powered from an alarm panel

This kit includes:
  • 1 x 4-zone base receiver for use with either our LITE, Standard, or XR Series kits
  • 1 x Indoor whip antenna
  • 1 12V 500mA DC Power adaptor
Base Receiver
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 4
Volume Adjustment Increments YES – Adjustable Volume (can also be muted)
Power Requirements 12V 500mA DC
Dimensions – Millimetres W75 | D119 | H30
Warranty 3 Years