® 2 Zone Receiver NEW!

Product Highlights
  • Simple 2-Zone “OEM module” receiver for alarm installers
  • Compatible with Parabeam “Standard” (700-FSK) beam-sets
  • Interfaces with almost any alarm panel or NVR
  • 2 x diagnostic LED’s display current status of enrolled beam-sets
  • 2 x “Normally closed” (N.C) outputs (solid state relays)
  • On-board beeper for audible feedback (may be disabled)
  • No user controls (except tact switch for beam enrolment)
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Technical Overview (For Alarm Installers)

This OEM receiver module is an affordable alternative to our 4-zone base receiver whenever no user-controls are required on the receiver itself, such as when interfacing with an app-controlled alarm panel. 2 x “normally closed” relay outputs provide an ideal connection for EOL (end of line) resistors. Relay “opens” for 5-seconds when activated. “Normally open” outputs (N.O) are also available on request.

The receiver module can support up to 2 “Standard” beam-sets providing they are installed within 300-400m range of the receiver. (obstacle dependent) Caution should always be taken if there are challenging obstacles in between a beam-set location and a base receiver module. Things to be concerned about are dense native bush, a roll in the land (or hill) – The house set back on a plateau where it can not be seen from the beam location, or loads of trees. These things can reduce the range down to as little as 150m. XR-2500 equipment would be better for this kind of challenge because the wireless range is around 4-5 times that of the “Standard” system.

Parabeam receivers may be used in either “Master” or “Slave” mode – if there will be multiple base receivers on the site, one of them must be a “master” and all other receivers must be set up as slave receivers. The reason for this is only one receiver should be allowed to “talk” (reply) directly to beam-sets to avoid signal-clashes.

An advantage of this system is that the master receiver acts like a repeater, handing the signal on to other receivers that may be much further away from the beams themselves, such as in a remote workshop or office.

This kit includes:
  • 1 2-Zone “OEM module” receiver
  • 1 Small magnetic base whip antenna on 2m cable
  • 4 Self-adhesive stand-offs
Base Receiver
Frequency 458.550Mhz
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 2
Relay activation time 5 Seconds
User controls NO
Dimensions – Millimetres W50 | L80 | H14
Output Type N.C (solid state relay)

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