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Farmer using mobile in the field

Welcome to the New Zealand made ® range of high performance wireless alert systems…

® allows you to remotely monitor driveways, sheds, machinery and fuel storage facilities to a base receiver, mobile phone or pager, and be anywhere on the property - alerted when a visitor has arrived, welcome or unwelcome.

® was originally developed by two Kiwi inventors in 2003 to help prevent rural crime. 20 years have now passed and the product has defended itself against countless cheap imported gate alarms that have entered and left the New Zealand market. If you want a system that “just works,” you have come to the right place.

Examples of Parabeam unit placements
Factory testing Parabeam units.

Parabeam Installation: How to correctly prepare battery and solar panel wiring Parabeam systems being assembled and tested in our N.Z. factory